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Doss is where your team goes for the source of truth about what's happening inside and outside your business.

This is the ERP they promised you.

Doss Adaptive Resource Platform (ARP) is a system-of-record, interface builder, and workflow editor all in one.

You get the power of professionally configured ERP, without the pain of working through a system integrator.
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Data + Dashboards

Configurable tables, charts, dashboards
Save and share views with fine-grain access control
Automatically sync 3rd-party data from Shopify, Quickbooks, Salesforce, and more

Workflows that fit

Using the Workflow Editor, you can easily customize Doss to adapt to your existing processes.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you're a growing small-business or a multi-national corporation, Doss makes it easy to get started with multiple product tiers.
Traditional ERPs
System of record
Custom table mappings
Custom workflows
Self-service integrations
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Integrated PO management
Additional module
Implementation time
6-18 months
2-3 days
Set up cost
User Licensing
Pay per user
Unlimited users

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