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How Kahawa 1893 processes orders 30x faster with Doss

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Co-founder & CEO

May 30, 2024

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May 30, 2024

Since we met the Kahawa team in late 2023, every month has been a record month.

This is an incredibly awesome problem to have. Kahawa 1893 founder-CEO Margaret Nyamumbo, a coffee aficionado and Harvard Business School graduate, would agree. Her longtime business partner, and Kahawa’s VP of Revenue & Operations, Corey Stary agrees too; just with a few more caveats.

Across a mountain of spreadsheets, Corey and team had constructed functional inventory management systems, procurement processes, issuance of freight quotes, invoicing, and more. But they were growing too fast for their team to keep up. They needed to cut down the time it took to process orders without introducing data entry errors.

As we scaled our business and took on more customers, we faced unprecedented complexity — more SKUs, more manufacturing partners, more logistical considerations. We faced pressure to fill increasingly large orders more quickly than we ever had. We needed to get our house in order, and Doss was the answer. I no longer sweat when I get a big Purchase Order!

- Corey Stary, VP Revenue & Operations

Our teams quickly constructed multiple workflows that addressed their core needs.

  • Receive orders from Kahawa’s wholesale accounts
  • Process orders to either pull from stock held by their vendors or issue work orders for direct fulfillment
  • Transfer stock between their various stock-holding locations
  • Provide SKU-variant pricing with cost-flow-through to POS

What was the result?

The time it took to process one order dropped from about 10 minutes to 20 seconds.

That's 30x faster 

These are the 3 techniques helping speed up Kahawa’s processes
  1. Eliminate Human Error in Order Forms
  2. Automatically Generate PDFs and Email to Vendors
  3. Handle Customer Exceptions with Automations

I love seeing the overall state of our business in a single location. Doss is our source of truth for just about everything.

- Corey Stary, VP Revenue & Operations

Interested in getting a comprehensive step-by-step for each technique? Download the complete Case Study below.