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10+ New Integrations, CSV Upload, and Create/Edit Tables

What's new at Doss

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May 1, 2024

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We're back with a load of new features, integrations, and performance updates to Doss ARP. In this update, you'll see:

  1. Create and Edit Table columns (with CSV upload!)
  1. 10+ New Integrations
  1. Improved formula speed by 40x

What's New

Create and Edit Tables, Easy CSV Upload

You can now directly upload and manage main data tables for product inventory, CRM, demand forecasting, and more within Doss using simple CSV file uploads. The CRUD controls under Table Settings keeps your instance adaptable as your data models evolve.

Connect 10+ new third-party apps

Jump in with Shopify, Quickbooks, Gmail, Airtable, WooCommerce, Logiwa, Ship Station, Stripe, SPS Commerce accounts and more directly to your Doss instance. Simply authenticate and your data can start flowing through any Workflows - no engineering work required on your end.

Formulas are WAY Faster

We've optimized formula performance so even the most complex calculations, transformations, and Lookups will now refresh almost instantly when you need to benchmark values across your business. The biggest change here is that sometimes formulas get very complex and the deep nesting of many conditionals causes the computation to go quite slowly. For very deeply-nested SUMIFs, we've speed-up the computation by 40x, bringing the load time from about 30-40s to under 1s.

Coming soon

A new Onboarding Experience

We're working on an all-new onboarding experience to help you get started with data modeling and self-service Workflows even faster.

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