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Filtering Lookups, CMD+K, Advanced Formulas

A quick recap of recent product updates

Co-founder & CEO

March 13, 2024

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Here's a rundown of the features our team released in Doss ARP over the last month.

Product Updates

Filtered Lookups

Streamline data entry in Tables and Forms by configuring specific filters for lookups. For example, in a purchase order, you might want to display only items produced by the selected vendor, thus reducing errors and saving time. We've also enhanced the lookup search experience for faster and more intuitive navigation with an embedded record preview.

Global Search (CMD+K)

Navigate to records, find that needle in the haystack, or jump straight into filling out a Form, all with a powerful and keyboard-accessible global search function.

Advanced Formulas

Our advanced formulas feature allows you to build complex calculations similar to Excel, but with the added capability of querying your data. Familiar Excel-ish functions but with the power SQL-ish querying and foreign key relationships (in Doss we call these Lookups)

Make it simple!
Or make it complex!

A file viewer for XLSX and CSV in the browser

View files directly in your browser. It's simple, but man is it useful. Gone are the days of downloading the same spreadsheet onto your desktop a dozen times or trying to sift through your email to find the latest version.

Coming Soon

Improved User and Org Settings, Role-Resource Based Access Control (R2BAC)

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That's all this time folks. We'll be back next month with more updates!

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