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December 25, 2023

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Everything is on fire

Operations teams are constantly beating back the flames of new fires that appear daily. It’s not their fault – they’re usually overloaded and under-resourced, as many companies tighten costs while still aiming for ambitious growth targets.

I’ve heard countless teams say, “Things will calm down a bit when we finish this project” or “It’ll get better when we get system ABC integrated with XYZ.”

What these teams really need is a set of tools that will help them systematically cut down their repeatable and time-consuming tasks. More specifically, they need a comprehensive solution that allows them to be proactive instead of reactive. And they need it implemented ASAP.

TL;DR: It’s time for operations teams to stop putting out fires and start fueling growth with Doss. Get your ERP alternative up and running in minutes – book a demo to get started.

ERPs never fully put out those fires

What are the viable options that teams have? The typical approach is to scope and implement a comprehensive ERP solution.

This is a no-go for so many reasons:

  • It’ll be 6-18 months before you can even start using the ERP. Teams need to put out fires NOW; they can’t wait over a year for a solution.
  • Operations teams are already stretched thin. The team members are capable of leading the implementation. But they don’t have the capacity to also act as full-time IT project managers and coordinate with external consultants.
  • A scaling business grows fast. The processes that are within the project scope will be stale by the time the ERP is actually live.
  • Over 50% of ERP implementations fail. That’s too much risk for teams to consider when they’re going to use it to power their day-to-day workflows.

So, what are these teams supposed to do?

At Doss, we have the answer.

We built an ERP alternative that is the first of its kind. One that combines the rigor of traditional systems with a setup process that’s as easy as stacking building blocks.

Get immediate value without sacrificing flexibility

Doss Adaptive Resource Platform (ARP) offers a new approach built on decades of best practices. Using composable building blocks, Doss makes creating custom workflows as easy as drawing a flowchart. This means teams can define requirements, migrate data, and start using their Doss ARP instance all in the first hour.

A core concept in Doss is the Workflow Editor, which allows users to visually define “If this, then do that” automation branches. This makes customizing processes like Bulk PO Issuing and Sales Order Aggregation trivial. What usually would take a team of consultants months to accomplish can get up and running in minutes.

Put your business data on autopilot

Imagine not having to dig through your email inbox to find a specific version of a spreadsheet or re-forward a purchase order file to a supplier. With Doss, we make these dreams a reality.

  • Onboarding, data migration, and workflow setup all in less than an hour of work
  • Plug-and-play connectors for Shopify, Amazon, Quickbooks, Salesforce, and more
  • Reconcile documents and data with 3-way matching
  • One-click data export for when you need to dive into Excel directly

An ERP-alternative Built for the Real World.

Get started today with our 30-day risk-free trial. No contract, no credit cards, and minimal lift on your part. Since Doss is so easy to configure, we don't charge anything to get you set up.

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